Tacos and the Charles, A Love Story

It's really no secret that I love Taco Bell more than I love most things. Nothing has cured my hangry, heartbroken soul quicker and better than the fake cheese and faker meat of Americanized Mexican Food. You can imagine my distress when I moved across the country, and soon found myself without many opportunities to … Continue reading Tacos and the Charles, A Love Story

The breath before the scream

I'm learning that I'm not as good in the quiet as I think I am. I don't mean your day-to-day, run-of-the-mill, garden variety quiet--the kind that steals moments at sunrise, whispers between the breaths of a child's laughter, fills vacuous space inside our heads. No, no that quiet. I'm good at that quiet. That kind … Continue reading The breath before the scream

My First Solo Adventure: New York City

In my experience, travel has always been synonymous with vulnerability. There is something about being in an unfamiliar place, away from home (and my bed), that cracks me open and spreads me bare. And though I always discover something new about myself (e.g. resilience, courage, the ability to consume a whole pizza on my own...), … Continue reading My First Solo Adventure: New York City